Friday, February 13, 2009


How do you relax after stressing yourself out?
Case in point, I love what I do for and with Lifepoint Church, and seeing people come to relationship with Christ is the most meaningful and significant thing I can imagine, but it doesn't make the morning any less stressful.

So what do you do to decompress? I've asked this question to several people, one said they like to relax with beer (no, not someone at Lifepoint), other's said they like to go and play basketball for a few hours, some read, for one it's just a nice hot relaxing shower, I knew (well i guess i still know him, though I haven't seen or talked to him since High School) who'd paint (like throw the paint on the canvas), and I've got it on good authority that Chocolate is an excellent stress reliever...

For me it's always been writing and even more so music, but even the type of music will very by my mood, even in decompressing, sometimes I like to listen to something relaxing, other times I need something driving... tonight's been rather ecliptic, let me give you the last 10 artists I've cycled through in my playlist:

No Doubt
Maroon 5
Mark Schultz
Michelle Branch
Nana Mizuki
Mikuni Shimokawa
New LIfe Worship
New York Voices
New Radicals

So that's a rather large skip in genre (if you're wondering, I just grabbed the m and n folders and tossed them into winamp and hit shuffle)

So what do you do to decompress?

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Greg Allen said...

Stress? In spite of your relationship...?

Brother, It's Time That Time Was Overthrown...


Best of Now, always,

Greg & Alice the Canine Messiah