Thursday, January 14, 2010

Portfolio Update 01.15.10

Okay, this is just going to be a regular feature on the blog. I have a love of photography and now have a more than decent camera, so I'll be posting these probably once or twice a week between normal posts.

I apologize for the tiny thumbnails, most of these look better in full view.

From Portfolio
Pickwell's Guitar from practice last week.

From Portfolio
Not a stream, but one of the paths in the battlefields after the snow melted.

From Portfolio
The kit I use to practice on is a mix between a Taye Go Kit, and a Traps set.

From Portfolio
To date this is my favorite photo I have taken with the new camera. This was taken this past week At Lifepoint Church after we had finished our practice, but before our final run through.

From Portfolio
From the last snow storm we got last week.

From Portfolio
One of the first shots I took with the new camera, one of the Japanese Maples in front of my parent's house.

From Portfolio
This one was actually done with my old camera right before it died.

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