Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drive 11

Hello Blog, some of the very few photos I took at Drive 11 will be posted some time in the next two weeks, I honestly didn't use my camera much I was too busy taking notes and absorbing information, kind of odd for me (the not taking photo part, not the taking notes part) but it works.

My quick Drive 11 quick recap

Bottom line drill downs rock.
Went down with an awesome group of Lifepointers
Got to sit in the Opener rehearsal with our production team that went down, to say it was incredible is an understatement, and while I'm talking about statements I'd like to say FOR the record that the version they did of Link Park's Waiting for the end was better, MUCH more rocking than the original.
Stayed in the rehearsal with Jacklyn and Shane watched them run the opener another 2-3 times flawlessly
Lined up to go back in for the opener,
After at keast 6 perfect runs the server crashed, they rebooted and it was once again AMAZING
Super Awesome worship phenomenal teaching message.
1st day complete.
EArly morning
Northpoint Sunday morning service experience was pretty darn cool.
Wonderful Breakout
Christian Fast food (Chick Fil A)
More amazing breakouts
the iband and Acapella "sing off" Acapella! enough said.
Jeff Henderson with the afternoon main session and I had a huge take away from it.
Got 2 tickers from mydrive11wish to participate in the backstage tour that was beyond words cool, got to spend 30 minutes geeking out in their video control room.
PRoduction team Night owl talking about what we learned what we wanted to apply and other general ideas of how to make our departments better for both the volunteers and the people who would be walking in on Sunday morning.
End Day 2
ANother early morning,
2 super awesome breakouts one of which I had tons of take-aways from.
CLosing session
Very different styled worship session but once again ( 2 for 2 at drive) I ended bawling my eyes out during worship it was soooooo good.
Pastor Andy Stanley gave the closing talk which I think alone was worth the price of the conference for me and the rest of our group.
13 hours on a bus back to home.
Arrived at 2:00
finally fell asleep around 330
up at 8, made it into my office at 930 a bit groggy but feeling very good about life right now.

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