Monday, January 19, 2009

Watch for...

These web-services are on my use/try to get others to use/next big thing

General Productivity
Google Reader: My choice for an RSS reader, it's simple, it's mobile, (Ie you log into your google account and can access it from anywhere), it handles the several hundred different blogs I'm subscribed too (no i don't read every article every day) very efficiently.

Twitter: Is there anyone out there who reads blogs who hasn't heard of twitter yet? A "microblogging" service, also great for updating status on facebook and others.

Yammer: Picture if you will, a microblogging service, (ala twitter) that's built for a private network, a place where team members in various areas can post questions and comments about current and upcoming events, to other team members. Well it's here and it's called yammer, private networks are setup by email addresses, ie yourname(at) , it also works with sms (text) or web posting (just like twitter).

Tokbok: I first found out about tokbox from Los's (Ragamuffin Soul)'s blog It's a live video chat service which can have multiple people video conferencing at once, plus, you can record and send video emails.

Facebook: Facebook social networking? maybe, but one thing that it's done (and done well) is put me back in touch with people from my school days (cough cough) years ago.

Fun stuff
Audiorium: THIS is the freeware physics game to watch for in my opinion, beautifully scored and rendered, and interesting to play, i'm waiting for them to release a soundtrack, I think the audio draws me in more then the actual gameplay at times...

More Cowbell Dj: Remember the Saturday night live sketch? Well so do the guys at cowbell dj, put a song up mess with a couple of sliders, and doink, your very own need more cowbell.

Generatus: Officially billed as "Social Network Status Generator" with the Tag, (Ideal for the imaginatively challenged), You've got to love something that automatically comes up with "Matt does for rock and roll what "The Sound of Music" did for hills"

Image Mosaic Generator: You've seen those pictures of something made up of thousand of tiny little images right? same concept upload a picture and it does the rest, it does choose it's own images to create yours from so that can end up being rather random but it's still a neat effect.

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