Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Socialism for Dummies a case study...

I had this conversation with a co-worker of mine who didn't understand the whole socialism/capitalism conflict, and was thus educated.

Here's the example that was used.

Illustration: You are a college student, you work hard, you spend your free time studying the big exam arrives, you spend the entire night before studying, you arrive at the class and take the test. Your roommate is in the same class as you, he arrives late everyday, parties every weekend, spends his nights bar-hopping, and the you find out the night before the final exam he was bowling.
Capitalism: Your efforts pay off and you receive an A for your work, likewise your roommates habits catch up with him and he fails the class.
Socialism: Everyone's grades are taken in and Averaged, you, your roommate, and everyone else in he class passes with a C.

There, that wasn't so hard to understand now was it?

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