Monday, March 9, 2009


Seriously before you click on the link below just stop, I want to address a couple things before you get to it.
1) The website (blog really) I'm linking too is about real people, and their real stories, as such I'd rate it pg13+ so it's not for little kids.
2) I originally got this link from Elevations creative blog, as a favorite link because it talks about real people going through real issues.
3) My posting of this was prompted by Pastor's message and illustration yesterday. The message was on the power of unity, but his illustration... There were pieces of paper with random names all over the auditorium in seats, each representing a person, a co-worker, a family member, a friend, which then got me really thinking.

The Post Secret Community and Post Secret Blog is a website where people can share their secrets to the world, without identifying themselves by sending a postcard to the webmaster... Some are funny, some profane, and still others are heart breaking.

So why share something like this? here's excerpt from the official Lifepoint Blog
"The TRUTH is that God has strategically placed us in neighborhoods and jobs so that PEOPLE FAR FROM GOD WILL EXPERIENCE GOD’S DESIGN FOR LIFE. We quickly forget what it is like to live with regrets, unhappiness and feelings of rejection."

Here's a place that lets you look inside peoples lives, and even if you've forgotten what it's like, this is a (occasionaly) harsh reminder.

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