Monday, March 3, 2008

28 reasons....

I've heard of a movie called 28 days later, (which apparently is a zombie movie? has anyone who's seen this let me know)

Anyway if nothing else I thought it was a catchy title, so in an unapologetic effort to capitalize on said catchiness of said title here are 28 reasons I'm thankful today.

1) I have a Savior who hung on a cross and died, and three days later arose.
2) I live in America, for all our problems and all our issues we're still the free-est greatest country out there. (I mean honestly you don't hear how people built a raft out of an old chevy and then floated it to Russia do you?)
3) I have an amazing family that I have a close relationship with.
4) I have a car that works and has working air conditioning, (I, at one point had a car that didn't have air conditioning which made me appreciate it all the more).
5) I live in a country that allows me freedom to worship. At our recent vocal workshop (write up to follow... err eventually) Tom and Jeremy showed a video clip (which was from a movie, but I know for a fact that this is done in reality) of a church in China and when it came time to sing a hymn they sang it silently, and while it was stirring and moving the reality hit me, they can't sing aloud because if their Government finds them, well I won't go there.
6) I have eyes that see, yes I wear glasses and my vision isn't perfect, but I can still see the breathtaking beauty of a sunrise, I can enjoy the bluest sky or the greenest field.
7) I have some great friends who are a joy and blessing, (even the one who has yet to return my phone call, though he probably won't read this) to my life.
8) I have a mentor, (well I have several for different areas of my life, but I have one in particular who's awesome beyond mere word description, he pushes me to be a better me and believes in me even when I don't believe in myself.
9) I've been blessed with a love and slight (trying to be humble here) talent for music.
10) I've got one of the greatest groups of musicians in my praise team. (Another post to follow)
11) I have a job, while I don't always enjoy it, I do have an income source.
12) I have a roof over my head, (soon to be) a different one then the one I had, but a roof none the less.
13) I have a cell phone, and even though there are times when I find them utterly annoying it's so nice to have a way to communicate with people.
14) I have my hearing. I can't even fathom the genius of Beethoven, writing music when the only place he could hear it was in his mind.
15) My amazing small group who knows my weakness for fresh krispy kreme donuts.
16) My sense of taste (and smell), so I can enjoy previously mentioned Krispy Kreme donuts.
17) Drums, and cymbals... Lots of Cymbals (should be spoken like Neo from that Matrix scene, you know the one).
18) I enjoy reading. Sir Richard Steele once said "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."
19) I can cook, (and bake) and do both moderately well.
20) I have a pc and I know how to use it.
21) I have fingers, wrists, arms, feet and legs and all of them work well enough that I can play the drums.
22) Despite my horrible grammar (ask ANY of my English teachers) and even worse spelling (hmm that gives me an idea) I still enjoy writing and apparently have people who enjoy reading what I write, warm fuzzies.
22.5) Auto Spell-check.
23) I have a country that doesn't pull a "big brother" on internet use. (cough cough China, where they'll throw you in jail if you try to look up (insert and remotely affiliated term of Christianity here) on the internet.
24) The second amendment, and I have the remains of a can from 100 yards to prove it.
25) That I am a part of a radical movement of God in my community and I just pray that we can in our own talents and ways make the name Jesus even more famous, that we can impact lives and change forever, the eternal destination of those around us from an eternity apart from God to an eternity with him.
26) Clean air to breath. (Been to L.A. nuff said)
27) Clean water to drink. (See above, the funny story is the first time I visited my family in LA as they picked me off at the airport, their first words exchanged after being greeted was a warning to only drink bottled water, my response was, "So nice place you live, can't breathe the air, can't drink the water... anything else I should know?").
28) I've made it 28 years (thus far... actually 28 years plus 3 days) and I couldn't be more thankful.

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Tom and Jeremy? Thought you would have said "Sandals and Pick" :-) later man

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