Sunday, March 16, 2008

Still waiting...

So I'm still without internet. It's in process and I'll hopefully have it in another week, for now though...

So this was the last Sunday in our Quake series. Originally when we planned the service we were thinking about doing the John Mayer song Waiting on the world to change, because quake is about making a difference in the community.

Well what none of us in planning realized was that Waiting on the World to change was a huge war protest song, thankfully Kimberli came through with that information and we avoided a rather unintentional major faux pas (is that proper use of term?).

So instead we did "Change the World" by Eric Clapton, Pick finally played like one of his major musical influences and Ronnie of course blew me away with his gift for the guitar. Especially when they only had since Tuesday to prepare for this. I will admit to being almost giddy when I heard him play it during run through. And while I'm on the subject I had the morning off, meaning Jason our other drummer was playing... I felt lost! (More on this in a later post).

We also baptized 15 people today including on Robb from my life group. I have to admit that my eyes had a little sweat in them during that moment. Robb if you read this, I'm proud of you brotha!)

The rest of our Worship set was "Count Me In" by Leeland and "Glorious One" (By Todd Fields? I think). Glorious One is one of our favorites (It IS Pick's favorite) and "Count me In" is an amazing hi energy song. Which we'll do again within a couple weeks. And the sound today was awesome! Clark did our mix and it sounded great.

Sometime after Easter I'll be taking a month sabbatical from drumming to give Jason our other drummer a chance to grow into the ministry. Hopefully during that time I'll be able to focus some of my energies on some new worship music projects.

Oh and I had a phenomenal interview with Pastor Wade Joy from Elevation Church on Wednesday (which reminds me I need to send out a thank you card. anyone who knows me please ask me when you see me to make sure I get that out, thanks!) and got a ton of notes and ideas. Pastor Joy is their Worship pastor and part of his job reads my duties for director of music.

So on a semi side note wishing (and praying) for some healing for Elizabeth (My aux Percussionist) who developed tendinitis bashing the tar out of a tambourine a couple weeks ago (She's been playing one handed for the last 2 weeks!) Also for Anne (One of my vocals/guitarists) who had surgery the other week.

And I'm staring at my calender wondering when we'll have internet at the house and I can't help be think (yes I know rare for me)... Wow Easter is 7 days away, 6 for the egg drop.


Anonymous said...

Thanks buddy, I really appreciate it, I though it was excellent to have my kids with me, and during the song glorious one I saw my son praying just like I was earlier.
Our God is so awesome!

It was nice to see you get a break today, but it also was weird to not see you up front. Take care brother Matt.

Anonymous said...

It's not often that I get to refind a best friend and say hi. Looks like things are going great for you. Congrats on your position in Life Point. As far as you loosing your stuff and getting it back, wow I never thought I'd see that one coming. Especially something like that happening to you.

I on the other hand, am just now starting to realize what it means to be called to do something.

Ever get the feeling your being pushed by God to do something you never thought you wanted to do, and when you do, you have no idea how to go about it? I'm not sure I'd even be good at it. Awhile back I was reading the Bible, where Jesus talks to Peter asking him to feed his sheep. Only, I'm not thinking of Peter being there, but myself, and Jesus is telling me to feed his sheep.

I don't know. I haven't gone to Church in a year or two. I went to different churches in the area, but I didn't feel anything. It just didn't seem like God's presence was there. I'm not sure if its the schedules or what, but I felt out of place. It didn't seem as though anyone was fired up about God at all. Just people wanting to get through Church so they could get on with the rest of their Sunday.

I'm not sure what point I'm getting at, I just really needed someone to talk to. I know your a good friend and a good listener, even though I can be quite annoying and spontanious (no more going to Maine for me).

1. Reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelations, writing my views of the Bible on the internet.
2. Try to find a Church that is fired up about God.
3. Save up so I can take Liberty's course in Religion.

It's felt like ages since we both were up in front of church singing together. I was upset back when you got the lead singer. Free For All and the other I forgot the name of, but I still remember the lyrics.

Heavens gates were closed
and there seemed to be no hope
for common man
We were prisoners of our sin
with no way to enter in
but God had a plan
the Father knew there had to be,
a perfect sacrifice
that's why Jesus came
a cross was raised
and when he laid down his life
Wide open
Wide open (yeah yeah yeah)
they tore the gates wide open
after three days
in a cold place
the power of sin was broken
now with outstretched arms
he welcomes in everyone who trusts in him ... (my memory's a bit hazy here and I refuse to google)

I'm glad I was able to track you down, and direction you guys took from Lighthouse Baptist Church. YOU CHANGED THE NAME!!! I don't know when since I'm bogged down with work, but when I get the chance I'm going to come down there and visit.

Oh and before I forget, I'm running a linux box as well. Fedora Core 8.



Matthew Furukawa said...

Dude been trying to get a hold of you!

Did you change your email address?

Also a Linux box!
I've got Ubuntu on one of my older machines, but I haven't had a chance to tool around with it.

Give me a call, or if you're in the area stop by, drop me a line first and I'll give you directions to my new pad.