Monday, March 10, 2008

Sun stood still

We just finished out Sun Stand Still Series and started out quake series.
Jeremy preached and did an awesome job, but we had a sun stand still moment. When I got to the church at around 6:40 (which felt like 5:40 for some reason... stupid DST) the first thing I noticed was the setup crew running around (efficiently) and stuff normally setup by this point wasn't yet. Thirty seconds later I found out the lights were operating on emergency power and we didn't have any.

So we pressed on, setting up like we normally would, we were informed we had an industrial generator coming and a few smaller ones as well. In the meantime the worship team began practice in acoustic mode.

Then power came on...

Then it went out...

We were overloading the industrial generator with something, (I still am not sure what was doing it).

I know there was a lot of prayers flying even as we continued and prepared. Let me back up a moment. Pastor talked last week about (see the podcast) about a new way to prayer that sometimes prayer isn't just about being on your knees, but being in motion knowing that God will come through.

He did.

8:30 power came back on, run through was completed and worship was amazing.

What a mighty God we serve. If anyone asked me how the morning went they got a three word answer. Sun Stood Still!

Oh and as far as quake goes...

Josh and his team did an amazing job on the trailer. Kinda makes me sad that quake is a two part series, we only get to use it one more week.

80,000 eggs,

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