Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Freecell, my new best friend....

Honestly and truly I've always been a freecell addict.

And with a limited repertoire of games for my computer that DON'T need an internet connection to run I've had a chance to get re-acquainted with this little time sucker of a game.

Yes, the guy from Comcast came by last night and installed our cable modem, however the stupid thing doesn't seem to want to activate, (I'll be on the phone when I get home tonight) with them trying to get them to activate it.

If not they couldn't get anyone over there until thursday.

So until then it looks like freecell for me.

*(Disclaimer: The author of this post actually has several games he can play on his computer OTHER than freecell, so don't be pitting him or nothing).


1 comment:

5stringer said...

Don't forget Minesweeper - and if you get a router, go spend 75 for a used xbox and get some REAL games lol - later dude