Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I live!

I'm back?

Well kind of, after three hours of geeking yesterday I finally got out internet connection to work.

Sort of.

For some reason every hour/few hours the connection resets and the only thing that seems to work is for me to physically reset the cable modem (ie pull out the power cable).

Anyone know a work-around for this?


5stringer said...

I have a workaround...GO FIOS

Or resort to pigeons

or maybe smoke signals

or just yell really loud

of course the best solution for you would be morse code on the drums as long as you get a lot more extra sticks....

Anonymous said...

Get a UPS, Uninterruptible Power Source costs about $50-60. Problem is more than likely power fluctuations, in the current.

5stringer said...

It sounds to me like its probably not the power fluctuations because if you're able to fix it by just pulling the power plug and plugging back in, thats basically the same thing an interruption in power would do so that would in itself reset the modem. It may be a problem in the line from COMCAST getting the signal to the house or from the house's junction box to wherever you have the modem. Did they run totally new cable in either section (i.e. from the "street" to the house junction box, or from the house junction box to your outlet)? When I had a cable modem (I had adelphia for over 2 years) they had to add an inline booster because even though the line handled the TV ok, it just wasn't strong enough to carry the digital signal and that did the trick for us. They even used a better grade cable for the computer connection. Since its a new install, COMCAST should do all that from the start if needed.