Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So where have YOU been in the last 8 days?

For me I've been editing some audio clips for a little project, going through music to pick a couple songs for the worship auditions coming up, planning set lists for the worship team, checking out our (Lifepoint) new office and generally staying very busy. (including three nice draft blog posts that aren't up to my publish standards).

I haven't even had a chance to write out a real set of music notes to my amazing team (for shame)!

Also doing a fair amount of reading lately, several books (yes I read more than one book at a time, you point?) but one in particular is "The Houdini Solution" that Pick has his team (myself included) reading. And I'm arguing with a book... sad yes but I am indeed that much of a geek to sit read and argue with a book.

Really and Truly (smirk if you get the reference) I like the book, but I'm arguing the semantics of phraseology and the real meaning of a known saying.

Had it been my book I would at least have had the decency to sub-title it:

Thinking outside the box by thinking inside the box.

Confused yet? Well get a copy and read it for yourself... or ask to borrow mine in a few weeks, heck if you can wait mine will be hi-lighted and annotated... mind your some of said annotation will probably be me arguing with the book, but is that such a bad thing? (don't answer that).

Finally I've been drumming. One thing nice about my new place (aside from the fact that we now finally have a working stable internet connection) is that we've got a drumset. Well, we had a drumset. Once I got my hands on it I turned it into a DRUM SET!!! (insert loud echo-y effects and dramatic fanfares). My only sadness regarding it is that I ran out of cymbal stands before I ran out of cymbals, (And I'm sure everyone who knows my set up is rolling their eyes about now).

The set up?

13.5" pic. Snare
10" Popcorn Snare
8" Gretsch Tom
10" Gretsch Tom
12" Pearl Tom
14" Pearl Floor Tom
Standard 22?/24? (I honestly don't remember) pearl kick
The gretsch's I nabbed on ebay, the pic and pop are both Pacific (by DW) from Guitar Center and the Pearl pieces are part of the original kit that I Frankenstein-ed. I'm using Remo Pinstripes (Mainly because GC didn't have any of the fiber-skin heads that I really like) but I'm very pleased with the sound quality that I get out of them.

Finally the Cymbals. LOTS of cymbals, of which standard configuration changes on an almost daily basis depending on which ones I feel like playing.

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