Friday, November 23, 2007

It is indeed Black Friday

I do hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving.
For those of you who are brave (or insane) enough to fight (in some cases literally) the crowd my hat's off to you (I still think you're nuts though). Before you protest about how good the deals are (And some of them are indeed that good) I'd much rather take a day to catch up on reading and projects then save an extra $300.00 on a new labtop, (really the only thing that was truly tempting. Not to mention (And I hate to tell you this if you just spent 5 hours in line since midnight) but a lot (though not all) of deals can be grabbed online.

Jumping back to the beginning of the paragraph I'd like to take a moment to thank any and every service men and women currently active and otherwise who are out there to busy fighting for their country to fight the lines at the mall. Thank you, know the regardless of the headlines on CNN or the political speeches, your country respects, cares about and thanks you.

Ok moving on from another subject other then shopping, I finally have a linux box running Ubuntu 7.10, but that will soon change to Ubuntu studio vers. 7.04 probably this weekend when I have enough time to tool around with it. Why the downgrade? because last I checked studio was still at 7.04 and it has lots of preinstalled goodies (Audio/video/graphics)

Speaking of weekend project my little cousin came home for the weekend, during which time she did a bit more work on the "Wall Mural" at the entrance, I'll post a picture when I dig the camera out of storage.

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