Friday, November 30, 2007

On nick-names

Ever wonder how people get their nick-names?
Or, for that matter, their online (IM, chat etc) monikers?

With the exception of my IM moniker (which was the result of a LAN party, Ramen, and being up till four in the morning) I normally go by Fudi (Pronounced Food-EE) in point of fact if being called out from across a room I will normally respond to Fudi sooner than I will my own name.

Now some people get nick-names based on their initials (JP) or a shortening of their name (Matt, Kel, Lou, or Tam for example), other's for physical traits, (Opi, who was instrumental in coining my own nick-name, more on this later), and still others for personality or other quirks, (Sneezy, happy, grumpy, well you get the idea).

That being said my moniker of Fudi was actually coined by a good friend of mine who was also a Matt, who bore a some-what scary resemblance to Opi (Hence his nick-name).

My point? I'm not sure, I lost it somewhere between 5:30 and now.

(Ironically, there's at least one other fudi out there, and here I thought it would be a unique reference).

Right, well I've got to get ready to get myself into work.

Matthew "fudi" Furukawa signing off.

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