Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Testing, testing (tap, tap, tap)

Right, well I've been encouraged to start blogging by several people.
I think the conversation went something like, "Hey man you're emails are so verbose you should start a blog." I think they were trying to tell me I write too much.

I'm still not sure if they were serious or not, regardless I decided it was time to join the gazillion other bloggers out there, it's part of my patriotic and civic duty to partake in the great Blogging tradition. Right...

No really!

Ok, the first part is true, and the reason why I'm now blogging is because I'm avoiding writing this week's musicnote's email which is currently 2 days late. Something else I have to do while I'm on my lunch break, (Which is why I'm now typing) as internet is down at home. They're coming Friday to fix the line, what I don't get is that when we called, the [insert insulting term of your choice here]s knew there was a problem with the outside line, arg!

Anyway back on topic, Expect this blog to read something similar to my musicnotes emails, hopefully with less typos and most likely longer and far more random posting topics. Much more random posting topics.

~Matta Ne
Matthew Furukawa

Current Stats:
Listening to: Kiss that Frog by Peter Gabriel
Reading: The Ant and the Elephant
Watching: Nothing at the moment.

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