Saturday, December 1, 2007

Back to square one

My Pc's been a it buggy lately. Nothing to bothersome, but with a free weekend, (Something of a rare commodity in my life) so being the geek that I am I decided to format the c drive and reinstall the operating system. A simple process. One I've done hundreds of times.

So no less than three formats later I'm finally back up and running, and no I don't have all my software back on. Actually that was one of the reasons I decided to format, I've gotten such a collection of little (read pointless) progs over time that i think i was bogging down my system. Now I'm only going back with the basics with the others being added on an as-needed basis.

So it took three hours longer than necessary (I admit it, it's been a while since I've done this and I ran updates before installing drivers, something that my system doesn't like, and then did it again because I forgot about the second driver cd)

On last thing I'm doing different on this system, I've decided to try running mostly Open source software for the time being, that means instead of digging my ancient copy of office 97 out of the woodworks I'm going to run Open Office.

I will probably install photoshop though, I prefer it's interface to gimp's.

Right well I've got a bunch more work to do.

Current Stats:
Listening to: Remedy by Crowder
Reading: Never Give in (A Biography on Winston Churchill) by Stephen Mansfield
Watching: Band of Brothers

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