Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Afternoon Leadership...

I wanted to post a few notes from the Leadership Conference I was at this past weekend, but life has been in my way all week. (In point of fact I'm staring at the sea of chaos that is my office that I'll be ORGANIZING this evening), but I digress.

7 Laws of Critical Focus (I believe taken from the book Critical Choices, which is now on my To Read list)
1) Our Most Recent Experiences influence what we focus on.
2) What We Focus on determines what we believe
3) What we Believe Determines what we expect.
4) We see what we expect to see.
5) We tend to filter out what we don't expect to see.
6) The more we see the more options we have available.
7) We have the power to choose what we focus on.

Ever notice how people who expect bad things to happen seem to have more bad things happen to them?
How people who focus on things going right seem to have things fall into place?
Doesn't this explain a lot?

Or for laws 2-5 tell me if this isn't true.
Think about when you last bought a car.
Now Since purchasing that car have you noticed that the same make/model of car is EVERYWHERE?
Case in point. I used to drive a Mazda Protege, and saw them all over. After buying my Alero, (Which up to this point I had never seen another Alero on the road period) they were everywhere, including two others in our neighborhood, one which is exactly the same as mine! (Two door, white with a wing). Now did two other people run out the same day I did and buy an Alero at the same time selling their proteges? No, the only difference is that my focus shifted, and I naturally began filtering out what I used to focus on.

I've got one more set of notes I wanted to pull out but I'll save them for a later Post, for now I have an office taunting me.

Recent Stats:
Listening To: Go Tell it On the Mountain by Big Daddy Weave
Reading: In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy day.
Watching: Clip of Gavin Harrison and Porcupine Tree from Drummerworld dot com

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