Monday, January 14, 2008

... 21 days

I suppose I could track this thought train of mine back to three or four weeks ago when I mentioned to Jeremy that my quiet time had been sorely lacking. And as anyone who's seen some of my older posts know that I'm starting to get in shape (And no, round does not count as a shape). So I'm getting fit, both spiritual and physical and to make myself accountable here's the plan. It's been kinda blah with a hit or miss, (a somewhat passive attitude about the whole thing) until...

This past Saturday I was at a Leadership Seminar and at the last session the speaker asked a question, "Are you as a leader making sure that you are growing so that you can help your teammates grow?"

Ouch, right between the eyes, now I'm fairly sure he was meaning growth in leadership skills (though one can never be sure) and I do my best to grow musically (as I am MD.... Music Director though friends tell me I have the handwriting to match the other meaning of MD), and in leadership skills, but I have very much let my spiritual and physical growth stagnate.

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so the next 21 days will be filled with my notes from quiet time and whether or not I managed my morning exercise routine, among my normal (though I hesitate to ever use that word in describing anything involving myself) posts, I will have daily posts regarding my progress. And as I already missed getting up on time this morning to start it correctly my 21 days will begin extra early (love those staff meetings) Tomorrow morning.

In time I hope to get a LifeJournal something that Pastor Daniel recommended to me yesterday but we were out at the resource table, so until I get one I'll be working through... well you'll have to read the post tomorrow to find out.


Post Script Edit: I just wanted to make one point clear, I'm not doing this to say hey look at me I'm blogging my quiet time, because I feel that it's a personal and intiamte time with God, what I'm doing for now is posting thoughts about my Quiet time, and only for the next 21 days as I make this a daily habit and not a once-in-a-while thing.

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