Monday, January 7, 2008

Good to Great

Right, I read this book a while back, a long while back, then at Saturday morning's Staff meeting Pastor Daniel referenced it several times, and I reminded myself that I really need to re-read it.

Then that evening I was at a Christmas/New Years/Kick off party with the Team, and two of the speakers there referred to it, I think someone is perhaps trying to send me a message?

I remember hearing Danny Cox speak a few years ago, same principle, but his take on it was that good is the enemy of Best, but best can be the enemy of better; Or in summary (or perhaps explanation, I can't see 14 words needing summing up) how many people settle for good instead of reaching for best. Then once they reach there "Best" how many people get complacent and stop there, never reach for better? This applies to people, talents, churches, businesses, or any organization for that matter.

So looking toward 2008, how about a year of growth and change, with a resolve to not fall into complacency?

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