Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let it Snow baby...

I apologize for the horrible pun I'm referencing in my post title looking outside the window at work (Lunch break if you're wondering) I can't help but remember our Christmas service for 06, "A White Christmas" We compared how the Jesus' sacrifice and the blood of the lamb covered us and used how snow covers the earth when it falls as a visual analogy.

It was an amazing service and (at the time over a year ago) one of the most complex coordinated things we've done at Lifepoint (though we weren't Lifepoint at the time now that I think about it... which is a topic for a later post.) Even now it was the most "Cram everything we can in a short time" and used a fair amount of Drama, I also go to do a "Stomp" like presentation which was really fun, and really basic. If we ever do something like that again I'm starting much earlier.

I've got a couple more introspective posts to do, but they'll have to wait until I get off work, they'll take to long to write and my lunch break is almost over.

Any one else out there have their own snow memories?

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