Thursday, February 14, 2008

Attn Lifepoint Pastorial Staff!

If there's one thing I've learned working (though can you really call what I do work? Well some of the organizational stuff I suppose... but I digress) is that Lifepoint has a deep love of Starbucks, and as such I thought that this article needed to be noted for them.

Perhaps if Starbucks coffee didn't cost the same amount as a lunch at a decent family restaurant they'd do more business?


5stringer said...

Tip - Castiglia's = a great place - not crowded in the week - chairs/tables - sandwich/subs/fries all for 5.95 or less - with water, thats it - or even with a drink, just a little more - bunch of meals fur under 10 including a salad - friendly people...try it you'll like it

Daniel Floyd said...

It's like crack they get you hooked at first and then there is no turning back - I know I need deliverance!!

5stringer said...

Hey as long as its in your dave ramsey budget you're ok :-)