Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday, bloody Sunday...

Okay, it wasn't that bad, actually I had a very pleasant Sunday. The only problem is that roughly halfway into our video (Synced to the song we were playing) the computer (A MAC) crashed. Thankfully we continued on (mostly ignorant in my case, except for my click track vanishing). Happily Josh has the video (set to the original song) on his blog, see it here.

Super awesome job by our teams yesterday, The production team got everything back up and running, and the band (Even the one who could see it freeze up and crash) didn't miss a beat.

I found myself listening intently to Elizabeth (Super talented percussionist of earlier posts) and Dave (Super incredible keyboardist of note, and yes that was a bad pun) as well as Pick, but I always listen (and look for that matter) for cues from Pick. Our Bassist (Bill) and Guitarists (Brandon and Ronnie) didn't skip a beat, if not for the video crashing behind us I don't think anyone would have noticed anything wrong at all. Mad kudo's folks.

I used a slightly lighter than normal setup, meaning less cymbals, I'm working on paring down a bit to make setup and tear down easier.

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5stringer said...

A MAC crashed? Geesh thats what we get for using glorified (or is it glorifried?) iPODs for computers LOL :P