Wednesday, February 13, 2008

There be Eggs there...

Okay first mad props to Josh who I'm guessing did the design work for this

Secondly We learned from last year, last year we did Spotsylvania's biggest Easter Egg hunt and dropped 3000 eggs (in addition to what was already down... ) err I think...

We thought we were thinking big, we thought it'd be plenty eggs for everyone... WE. RAN. OUT.

Having learned that lesson we're doing things a bit different this year, and with 80,000 eggs divided up between different age groups we're hopeful that every kid will go home with more chocolate and other candies than their parent would ever want them to consume... (hehe)

Why are we doing thins? What would posses us to do such an insane thing? Simple, we want to show the love of Christ to our community in a real and relevant way. A young family might not understand, hey we're praying for you, they will understand, hey here's a place your kids can come for a saturday and have a great time.

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