Saturday, February 2, 2008


Right, going to have to do another quiet time to recenter myself...

But As I was going to my trunk to get some gear I realized something.

Between 7:00 when I got home last night and this morning, someone broke into my car (I keep it locked) and stole about 500-700 bucks worth of drum gear.

Thankfully they didn't get my cymbals, they did get all my stands AND my snare, ARG!

At least when Pick lost his money he found it.

Quiet time/exercise update to come later after I cool down a bit.


Billster said...

OH man that sux. Yikes I guess I need to stop using my car for my instruments ughhhhh...which means my already cluttered family room is about to double as a musical instrument storage facility.

Matthew Furukawa said...

You're not kidding, for me that's the worst part, as I have almost as much gear as you do.