Friday, February 8, 2008

Life's lesson's one oh one...

Always request signature required on any package you are having shipped.

Yes there is a story behind this, one from actually a month ago, but the bottom line for me, is that from now on every package (and I don't care what it is) I'm having shipped is getting the instructions: "Please insure that a signature is required" on the order. Especially when ordering parts for musical instruments or in-ear monitors, and doubly especially when there seems to be a bunch of idiots in your neighborhood.

That way if some shipper say... fedex has a shipment of say... ear piece replacements for um2s it's insured that someone at residence will actually receive the package, instead of it simply disappearing an act likely committed by the same people who like to break into cars.

Count it joy...Count it joy...Count it joy...Count it joy...Count it joy...

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